Private Saigon Scooter Tour

Departure: at your request.

Private Saigon scooter tour offers travellers chance to experience their own wish with minimum 2 persons up! This choice of private tour helps travellers access their wished activties and palces,…

Trip itinerary

Didn’t you find peace of mind with any of our other tours or don’t  know all the places you’d like to visit?  Then build your own special ones!

Perhaps you’d like to visit the secret noodle shop, where the patriarch of the now famous “Peace Noodles” shop? Lady Lunch Or maybe Pho Binh as it was known to the locals where they allowed the Viet Cong to hold military meetings on the top floor of their restaurant while serving food to their enemies below…Or maybe you want to check out the church where Catholic President Ngo Dinh Diem and his younger brother hid out in 1963, before they were captured and assassinated.

Are you a foodie?  How about a customized gastronomic tour where we’ll take you to try the most delicious Vietnamese dishes in Saigon!  Are you a budding photographer looking for some great shots?  Don’t limit yourself to the touristic places…let us show you the “Real” Vietnam.

We can offer you even more to make your trip unforgettable such as helmet-mounted cameras which we can use to film your ride and create a special video of your adventure Private Saigon scooter tour and around Ho Chi Minh City!

Private Saigon scooter tour” offers a more personalized experience than our other tours and any other travel company at a very affordable rate.


Trip cost

Our private trip begin at $50 per person for the first two Hours and an extra $20 per person for each additional hour. We will need as soon as possible prior notice in order to design a customized tour to suit you.


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